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People, planet, profit: how all can benefit from print personalisation

23 May 2023

Tony’s Chocolonely is an impact company that makes chocolate. Putting social impact before profit - Tony's Chocolonely’s vision is to make all chocolate 100% slave free; not just their own chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide. They are proving that it’s possible to make delicious chocolate without exploiting those at the start of the supply chain. 

And putting impact at the heart of its business is working out pretty well! Tony’s Chocolonely is the market-leading chocolate brand in the Netherlands, the fastest-growing brand in the UK, and it’s rapidly gaining market share in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Sweden, the US and beyond. 

A key part of their strategy to change the chocolate industry is to create awareness – of their mission, the brand and of chocolate. And that’s where personalisation comes in... Allowing chocolate-lovers, and businesses to print whatever they want on a bar of Tony’s, making it unique and extra giftable for loved ones, colleagues or customers.  

Join us to find out how Tony’s personalisation service is driving sales, customer loyalty, opening up new market sectors and delivering world-beating brand partnerships for Tony’s Chocolonely.  

Hannah Groom, Digital Sales and Experience Manager - Tony’s Chocolonely UK

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