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2023 Agenda

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Knowing me knowing you: how behavioural science is shaping a new agenda in personalisation

23 May 2023
Our online experiences mean that people are expecting personalised experiences throughout their lives – we expect the organisations we work with to ‘know’ and ‘remember’ us. That this has been with us for a while means that expectations are increasingly embedded so that people carry these with them into new environments. Added to this, the excitement of Chat GPT and Large Language Models more generally have pushed personalisation right up the agenda, not least the range of opportunities it offers for adapting messaging and tone. In this context, understanding the consumer response to personalisation is critical. On the one hand, digital targeting improves response to advertisements and performance declines when this is reduced. )n the other hand, there is also evidence that these very same mechanisms can lead to a backlash, with concerns about privacy and surveillance. In this talk Colin will set out some best practice guidelines on how to go about effective personalisation with clear guidance and practical examples. In addition, he will explore the leading thinking in this space, outlining how it can lead to a sense of the ‘uncanny’ and challenging outcomes if in fact personalise is over-engineered to suit the brand’s needs rather than the user.
Colin Strong, Global Head of Behavioural Science - Ipsos