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2023 Agenda

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Learn how to make every moment personal, every engagement shoppable through a connected product experience

25 May 2023
In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential for brands to keep up with ever-evolving customer behaviour to stay ahead of the competition. Creating personalized and contextual customer experiences with every engagement is crucial, but it can be a challenge without a direct communication channel. Many brands don’t even know who their customers are! Join us to learn how brands can leverage their own products’ real estate to create a connected product experience that personalizes every moment and makes every engagement meaningful and shoppable. In this session, we’ll explore how to establish an end-to-end Phygital strategy that enables personalized and contextual customer experiences while collecting invaluable data from every interaction. You’ll discover how to amplify customer engagement with your physical products, from user-centric product authentication to product activation, fan activation, and circularity. We’ll dive into the key steps of creating a holistic, connected product experience, including connecting all touch-points in the customer journey. You’ll also learn how to leverage variable data printing technology to provide product authentication that becomes an extension of the packaging and the brand DNA. Join us to learn how to create a dynamic and personalized customer experience that drives engagement, loyalty, and revenue!
Ami Barda, CEO - ProQure

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