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2023 Agenda

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Make it unforgettable

25 May 2023
Brands understand that emotion plays a central role in buying decisions. So it follows that, if product developers, marketers and agencies can think more creatively about how to tap into consumers’ emotional state and provoke positive responses that stay in the memory, the likelihood is that a rewarding and loyal relationship will develop. In his presentation, Mathew Faulkner will draw on his extensive experience in packaging design and print to explore the ‘emotional wheel’, touching on the range of positive emotions that brands and their print service providers can proactively cultivate with customers through a more personalised approach. He will explain the role that individualised or customised print can play within the continuous customer journey – from programmatic print, to curated physical spaces, to memorable unboxing moments and lifecycle communications. And tapping into recent Canon Europe research among marketers, he will highlight the potential for a richer dialogue between marketing teams and print service providers, moving the conversation on from the tactical and the functional. He will share his confidence in the power of personalised print to elevate overall customer experiences and make them unforgettable, with a measurable impact on brand awareness, loyalty, recommendation and repeat purchase – ultimately driving improved business performance.
Mathew Faulkner, Director of Marketing & Innovation, Wide Format Printing Business - Canon EMEA

The print value chain at Personalisation Experience 2023


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