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2023 Agenda

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Why you need to rethink personalisation

23 May 2023
Against the backdrop of a cost of living crisis, a climate crisis, a global pandemic, war in Europe and fundamental and irreversible changes in how we shop, there are still aspects of consumer behaviour which haven't changed at all. In his opening keynote, global authority on consumer and retail trends, Peter Cross will take us on a whistlestop tour into the mindset of the modern consumer and explain why it's time for the industry to start to take personalisation seriously. As consumer expectation soars and a new empowered and emboldened generation enters the fray, Peter will explain why building a deeper, more personal, more collaborative relationship with your customers will ultimately differentiate your brand or business. By shining a light on core human needs and explaining how other industries have truly embraced the possibilities of personalisation, Peter's keynote promises to be an unmissable first step in your Personalisation experience. Get there early.
Peter Cross, Customer and Retail expert - Consultant

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