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2023 Agenda

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All printers are tech companies, they just don’t know yet

25 May 2023
24 years ago, personalisation and e-commerce began to change our industry. And yet, 25 years later printers around the world are still hesitant to jump on the train. Back in those days, things were easy compared to today. Now the internet train moves at an extreme pace, data security regulations are massive, and the expectations of customers are skyrocketing. Soon, AI will add tons of possibilities that all stack on top of the preexisting and constantly evolving challenges that printers face. In this presentation, we will look at the current and future state of personalisation and e-commerce in the print industry. We will analyze any obstacles holding you back and give practical advice on how to successfully approach development projects. You will learn how IT projects have changed and what modern software architecture should look like. (All in easy words, promised!) We will then look at the successful players in the print industry today and see what they are doing right, and how you can transform the soul of your business over the internet.
Christoph Clermont, Co-Founder - Printess

The print value chain at Personalisation Experience 2023


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