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2023 Agenda

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Sending emotions for next day delivery - How personalised gifting connects

24 May 2023
How to integrate emotionally charged and single item personalisation into a fast paced operational Ecommerce business - where tens of thousands of customers a day expect next day order delivery? How to manage multiple personalisation options for both greeting cards and gifts alongside each other, with an ever-evolving range of options? Sabine Huijskes and Konrad Klimkowicz of the Moonpig Group are going to talk about their way of managing this and finding the right balance between innovation and order fulfilment efficiency. Moonpig group is a technology platform at heart, but with a volume of 40 million orders last year, known by its customers as the leading eCommerce destination for greetings cards, physical gifts, flowers and gift experiences. Its brands, Moonpig and Greetz are there to create better, more personal, connections between people that care about each other. And although they have been around for over 20 years, they continue to disrupt the market.
Sabine Huijskes, Innovation Manager Physical Product and Process - Greetz
Konrad Klimkowicz, Innovation Project Manager - Moonpig