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2023 Agenda

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Landa Digital Printing is a game-changer in the packaging printing industry

24 May 2023

Landa Digital Printing is a game-changer in the packaging printing industry, thanks to its cutting-edge Nanographic® printing technology. This revolutionary technology overcomes traditional printing barriers, providing exceptional industrial printing capacity that is both dynamic and versatile. One of the most significant advantages of Nanographic printing is its ability to print on any paper or board without the need for pretreatment. This is made possible by Landa's proprietary NanoInk, which comprises extremely small pigment particles suspended in a water-based carrier fluid. These particles are just tens of nanometers in size, enabling them to fuse more effectively with the substrate, resulting in superior print quality and increased color gamut. 

Furthermore, Landa's presses offer flexibility, enabling mass customization and personalization without sacrificing production run lengths. Apart from the improved conversion economics, the technology's benefits extend to consumer appeal and engagement, as well as sustainability. In particular, the NanoInk's water-based formulation and digital color reproduction is environmentally friendly, produces recyclable print, and significantly reduces production paper waste. Overall, Landa's Nanographic printing technology represents a significant advancement in the packaging printing industry, and its applications are expected to continue to grow in the years to come. We will discuss the technology, the value proposition and explore several real-life case studies that demonstrate the technology's versatility and effectiveness. 
Steve will present various case studies that utilized Landa's Nanography technology to offer products catering to different needs. For a children's product brand, we harnessed this technology to create items that celebrate diversity and inclusion. By utilizing the potential of vibrant colors, a Landa customer was able to design and manufacture engaging, educational, and inclusive materials that represent children from all backgrounds. Furthermore, we will showcase examples of how Landa's Nanography capabilities have been employed to: provide a tailored marketing experience using captivating text and visuals, and facilitate limitless graphic options on eco-friendly media, ensuring our products remain sustainable and environmentally responsible. 

Steve Donegal, Regional Sales Manager - UK Ireland - Landa Digital Printing

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