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Explore The Latest Innovations & Printing Solutions Under One Roof

Antigro Designer

Specialty: Advanced fabric technologies enhancing sportswear performance.

What’s New: Debuting a new line of eco-friendly, high-performance fabrics.


Specialty: Precision embroidery digitising services for sportswear.

What’s New: Introducing AI-powered design solutions for faster, more accurate embroidery patterns.


Specialty: Custom printing and graphic solutions for sportswear and promotional items.

What’s New: Offering innovative printing techniques that ensure durability and vibrant colors for sportswear.

Kit Builder

Specialty: Customisable sportswear design software for teams and brands.

What’s New: Launching a new 3D visualisation tool for real-time design and adjustments.

Optimus Ltd

Specialty: Workflow automation software for the sportswear industry.

What’s New: Latest updates to streamline production processes and reduce turnaround times.


Specialty: Comprehensive online photo product software for creating personalised sportswear and accessories.

What’s New: Introduction of new templates and features for sportswear customisation, allowing for more creative freedom and personalisation.

Punch Cloud OÜ

Specialty: Cloud-based software for seamless sportswear pattern design and distribution.

What’s New: Unveil a revolutionary cloud storage solution for collaborative projects.

Shirtinator AG

Specialty: Customised t-shirt printing and personalisation for individual and bulk orders.

What’s New: Introducing an enhanced online design tool for easier customisation and a broader selection of garment styles.

Tajima Industries Ltd

Specialty: Innovators in embroidery machines and technology for sportswear.

What’s New: Demonstrating the latest in embroidery tech with enhanced speed and precision capabilities.

ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH

Specialty: High-quality embroidery machines for sportswear manufacturing.

What’s New: Launch of a new line of machines designed for intricate designs and efficiency.

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